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S/C/111. An evaluation of strategic information systems in theme parks

S/LI/567. The theme of fate and character in Oedipus

S/LI/547. An examination of the theme of the comic and grotesque in Salman Rushdie's work

S/LI/479. Examination of the theme of power and clothing in the Lord of the Rings trilogy

S/LI/474. Consider the relationship between language, community and “selling” in Their Eyes Were Watching God

C/M/2182. New Range of Jimmy Choo shoes

S/LI/502. Theme of scepticism in Byron's “Manfred”

S/LI/548. An examination of the theme of “struggle” in Virginia Woolfs Novels

S/LI/558. An examination of the theme of paranoia in Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

C/LI/99. Depiction of racial prejudices in “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

C/M/2432. An examination of the leadership qualities of King Solomon

C/M/2022. Review of article “Brain drain: Inclination to stay abroad after studies” by Baruch et al

C/P/434. Review. Mushin Kadivar, The New Voices of Islam: Reforming Politics and Modernity

C/HR/1078. Proposal. The effects of location in the performance of hairdressing salons

C/B/4010. Proposal. An examination of the privatization of art since the 18th century

S/P/501. The theme of surveillance in Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Keesey

C/PS/232. Review of “Counselling and Psychotherapy: Are They Different and Should We Care?” (Kwiatowski, 1998)

C/LI/106. An examination of Leo Tolstoy's view of faith and reason

C/F/1122. Proposal. Role of corporate governance failure in international credit crisis

C/F/1102. Dissertation outline. Effects of credit crunch on brand image of Barclays and HSBC

S/LI/556. An examination of the stereotypes generated regarding the “other”

S/LI/498. Understanding of good and evil in “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” by Blake

C/B/4074. Review. “Would you work for you?” by Sam Geist

S/LI/501. Representation of gender in “Indian Woman's Death Song” by Felicia Hemans

S/LI/546. An examination of Du Côté de Chez Swann's “Combray” in relation to Mémoire volontaire and mémoire involuntaire

S/LI/566. Analysis of Spenser\'s epic poem The Faerie Queene

S/LI/555. To what extent does Blake challenge the notion of Scripture as monolithic authority?

S/LI/504. Analysis of Lorna Goodison's “Heartease New England 1987”

S/LI/551. Symbolism in Beloved as a reflection of the trauma of racism

C/N/340. Review of article “Themes of Loss and Dying in Caring for a Family Member with AIDS” by Brown and Powell-Cope

S/LI/433. Revenge as a theme in Hamlet and Medea

C/LI/41. Theme of protest in ‘Antigone' by Sophocles and ‘Antigone' by Anouilh

C/M/1689. Examination of the strategic management of Euro Disney

C/PS/171. Dissertation. What makes British football fans faithful to their teams?

C/LI/85. The role of love in Medieval literature: Sir Orfeo and The Miller's Tale

S/LI/416. Good and evil in Shakespeare's “Othello”

S/MD/155. The Struggles of the Heroine in Jane Eyre

S/LI/550. The theme of gender in “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro

C/N/329. Literature review and outline of dissertation “Relationship between food preferences and phases of the menstrual cycle”

C/OM/251. Literature review Design and management of supply chain for perishable goods: case study of cut flower supplier.

S/LI/453. Forces of ambition, blood and lust in Jacobean tragedy

S/LI/458. Historical novel “Tom Jones” by Henry Fielding

S/LI/452. Adam's transgression in “Paradise Lost” by Milton

C/H/58. Review of “The history of Mary Prince: a West Indian slave”

C/HR/868. Examination of career management and self awareness

S/LI/450. Death in poetry of John Donne and George Herbert

S/LI/574. Religious assimilation in the work of Ernest Hemingway and Nathanael West

C/MD/107. What travel metaphors are used in the films Stranger than Paradise, Down by Law, Broken Flowers, Night on Earth, and Dead Man? And through these metaphors how does Jarmusch contribute to the development of a postmodern road movie

C/MD/104. Pop Art movement and its main representatives

C/B/2751. Review of article “Location and the multinational enterprise” by Cantwell

C/PS/195. Psychological Impacts of Mastectomy: Tabulated Literature Review

C/EI/128. Dissertation. The Impact of Electronic Marketing on the Management of SMEs

S/LI/470. Shakespeare's plays treat masculinity as something which is inherently unstable. Discuss

S/LI/414. Analysis of “Doctor Faustus” by Christopher Marlowe

C/M/1402. Critical analysis of interview on management experience

C/MD/97. Proposal. Travel as metaphor in Jim Jarmusch's films

C/HR/628. Leadership development programme for banking sector

C/F/794. Financial analysis of Barclays Group plc. A performance perspective through the global economic crisis 2008-2009.

C/LI/82. Review of “Autobiography of a Slave” by J.F. Manzano

C/LI/65. Literature review. Online Grocery Retailing: case study of Waitrose

C/MD/108. Travel metaphors in Jarmusch's films and road movie genre

C/PS/137. What are your experiences of being newly married?

S/LI/396. Psychoanalytical and social themes in Sheffer's 'Equus'

C/MD/72. With particular reference to the relationship between narrative and numbers, consider how two musicals 'Step Up', and 'Step Up2' develop themes of romantic love and of performance

C/MD/69. Blog entries on Censorship

C/LI/35. Dissertation. Borders in Walter Scott's “Rob Roy” and “The Two Drovers”

S/MD/130. Woman as castrator: Psychoanalytic-feminist study of the mother and The Final Girl in the American slasher film.

S/LI/409. Literary biography of Virginia Woolf

S/B/513. Retail theatres and their effectiveness

S/LI/382. Analysis of ‘The Love of the Nightingale' by Wertenbaker

C/M/1261. Semiotic Analysis of Britney Spears' Perfume “Believe”

C/B/2064. Proposal. Is there a market for Stradivarius in UK?

S/P/390. How does Plato argue in the Phaedo that knowledge is possible only when the soul is freed from the body?

C/T/103. IT support of hospitality services and quality management in Liner Hotel, Liverpool

S/LI/384. Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot' and Absurd Theatre

S/LI/406. King Lear: a man more sinned against than sinning

C/B/1752. Proposal. M&A: strategic choice for small E-businesses

S/LI/392. Reflection of social changes in Webster's play 'The Duchess of Malfi'

S/LI/394. Review of Jane Anger's 'Her Protection for Women'

S/LI/356. Did Shakespeare think that nature is teacher of humans? Analysis of 'As You Like It'

S/LI/355. Death and American Dream in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood and Norman Mailer'sThe Executioner's Song

S/LI/330. Compare and contrast the ways in which Margaret Atwood structures her novels and uses the role of women and society as a whole to explore dystopian worlds

S/LI/398. Margaret Fuller and 'The Great Lawsuit'

S/LI/366. Concepts of masculinity and femininity in Dickens' “Oliver Twist” and “David Copperfield”

C/MD/80. Fifth Generation directors in Chinese cinema, and how their work contrasts the past with the present

C/M/1236. Role of Talent Management in Organisations

S/LI/403. Character of Petruchio in ‘The Taming of the Shrew'

S/LI/402. Conflict between Good and Evil in Shakespeare's ‘Macbeth' and Marlowe's ‘Doctor Faustus'

C/M/1157. Project Plan Report for Organisation of Themed Musical Event

S/LI/320. 'If the post-war English novel has a public theme, that theme is decline' (DJ Taylor). Is this a valid assessment of post-war British fiction?

C/P/112. Critically assess the main themes underlying the ideological discourse of the Front National Party of France in the 1980s and 1990s

C/B/1268. Choosing Liverpool over Birmingham: overview of business opportunities

C/M/756. Political Marketing: Literature Review

C/LI/19. John Milton and John Donne: Seeking Freedom from the Fall

C/H/29. Book Review of 'A Thousand Years of Non-Linear History' by Manuel De Landa

S/MD/115. You can be my wingman any time: Sociocultural and Psychosexual Approaches to 'Top Gun'

S/LI/328. To what extent did James Joyce view Ireland as introverted and paralytic?

S/MD/102. The Libertine

S/MD/103. Discussing teenage alcohol abuse and its associations in 'The O.C. ' in the context of representation, interpretation, and the media's contribution to cultural reproduction

S/MD/111. In light of Clover's conceptualisation of the 'Final Girl', examine an instance of problematic or cross-gender identification in The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

E/B/108. Analysis of Ocean Park in Hong Kong Disneyland

P/B/819. Euro Disney and Tokyo Disneyland: comparative analysis

P/S/105. Sociological views of Howard Parker (book review)

P/M/804. Review of theories on effective management

C/B/500. Master's Dissertation. The motives, benefits and future performance of Disney after the acquisition of Pixar

E/M/172. Alton Towers Report

P/M/618. Report on Disneyland theme park in Hong Kong

P/B/357. Disneyland theme parks in Europe and Asia

P/B/403. Camelot theme park

P/N/83. Relation of Ecstasy to Parkinsons disease

C/M/249. Advantages and Disadvantages of Research/High-Tech Parks

P/B/570. Strategic analysis of UK national car parks

C/B/209. A popular definition of the stakeholder theory of corporate governance is: The process of supervision and control intended to ensure that the companys management acts in accordance with the interests of the stakeholders&'381, (Parkinson, 1994).

E/OM/17. Nightshift services in Park Cakes: performance analysis

C/T/22. UK Holiday Market: Center Parcs and Holiday Villages

E/B/37. Practices in performance management: balanced scorecard

E/B/36. Comparing performance measurement systems at Northern Foods

P/B/536. Competitive position of Walt Disney: analysis, problems, recommendations