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C/N/107. Reflective Essay: reflection of an incident

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This discussion deals with the assessment of the reflection of an incident that occurred in practice using the theoretical framework of the Gibbs cycle and three strands of philosophy of care, management of care and evidence based practice. Clinical effectiveness is analysed here suggesting how nursing models of care could be used to identify techniques of practice and policy. Recommendations are made to provide effective clinical care for the case discussed here. The case study is based on an incident that took place in nursing practice, when a patient Mrs G was admitted to the hospital after ischemic stroke and the incident is based on the three strands of clinical practice involving philosophy, management of care and evidence based practice. The Gibbs reflective cycle model is the main theoretical framework on which this study is based.


KEYWORDS: Gibbs reflective cycle model, Clinical Management, Stroke, MRI, Scanning, Nursing Mode,

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