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S/P/442. The strengths and weaknesses of the entitlement approach to famine relief

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The paper examines the theory of the market-based approach to this subject, which is known as Amartya Sen's entitlement approach. The research considers the strengths and weaknesses of the theory and whether there is a case for food imports in dealing with famines in the presence of “entitlement” failure. Sen believes that famine is not caused due to deficiency of food but due to failure of entitlement. Case studies are made of notable famine situations, such as the Ethiopian famine of 1973. With no irregular reduction in food, consumption of food per head was reasonably normal as a whole for Ethiopia, but the incapacity of one province to command food from outside was the result of its low purchasing power. Literature sources include Sen's 1981 Poverty and Famines, An Essay on Entitlement and Depriviation, and papers by Devereux and Hossain which discuss its influence.


KEYWORDS: Famine, third world, aid, Sen’s entitlement theory, Ethiopia,

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