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C/L/18. Land Law, Answer to the problem question on Covenants.

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This is a long problem question that raises a lot of issues in on covenants and whether they pass (run) with the land when such land is purchased. The first part of the question and consequently the answer, deal with rules applicable to restrictive covenant and whether such covenant will run with the land thus binding third parties who had purchased the land under the new covenant without the knowledge of that old (restrictive) covenant. The second part of the answer deals with the new parties and whether the covenants that they have made at the time of their purchase will be enforceable and who can enforce them. The problem question also raises the issue of 'options' (option to purchase) and whether such option can be exercised and how is the Land registry to deal with the unilateral notice. The last issue that is raised by the problem is easements and what legal rules are applicable to the problem in question.


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