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C/M/1290. Dissertation. Compliance with Health and Safety Standards in Oil and Gas Industry in Developed and Developing Countries

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The dissertation addresses the issues of health and safety (H&S) in the oil and gas industry. Case studies of Shell, British Petroleum (BP) and Statoil are conducted examining their H&S implementation in the developed countries (the UK, the USA, Ireland and Norway) and developing countries (the Philippines and Columbia). Literature is reviewed on the theory of risk management and assessment, the role of H&S standards, their importance in the energy industry, etc. The methodology of the research is based on the case study approach and analysis of qualitative and quantitative secondary data. Conclusions are made about the breach of health and safety standards in the studied companies and their varying compliance with H&S standards in developed and developing countries.


KEYWORDS: Dissertation, Risk Management, Health and Safety, Oil and Gas Industry, developing countries, developed countries, Shell, BP, British Petroleum, Statoil,

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