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C/HR/680. Dissertation. Labour turnover, motivation and psychological contract: theory and case study of Knowledge Horizon

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The paper addresses the issues of employee turnover seeking to establish the factors behind employee motivation in modern organisations and exploring the role of the psychological contract in employee performance and productivity. Literature is reviewed on the theory of psychological contract and employee motivation. The methods of the research are described selecting qualitative approach to the subject area and conducting a case study of employees’ perceptions of psychological contract and job related stress in the company Knowledge Horizon (KH). The case study uses interviews with the KH employees to collect primary data. Conclusions are made about the breaches of obligations among the company’s employees highlighting the factors that affect their motivation and performance and relate to stress, lack of role clarity, exaggerated managerial expectations, insufficient reward, etc.


KEYWORDS: Dissertation, Labour Turnover, Motivation, Psychological Contract, breach of obligations, Knowledge Horizon,

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