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Southwest Airlines

C/T/109. Literature review: development of E-travel and tourism and case study of Southwest Airline

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The paper presents a Literature Review chapter of a dissertation on the use of the Internet in the tourism industry discussing the recent changes within the industry and the technological issues related to its fast growth, particularly, the integration of the Internet in the tourism industry and the emergence of the e-tourism concept. The features of e-tourism and online travel are explored highlighting their advantages, discussing the drivers of the tourist and travel industry, the development of the Internet as a market place, the role of intermediaries in the industry, the process of ‘disintermediation’, the traditional and online techniques of booking tickets, the advent of the low cost airlines, etc. A case study of Southwest US low cost airline is presented analysing the factors that lead to their success. The future of the online travel and tourism industry is discussed.


KEYWORDS: Dissertation, literature review, Southwest Airlines, disintermediation, e-tourism, Internet, market place, online booking, e-tickets,

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