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British Airways

C/M/2482. Dissertation. An investigation into the importance of branding and brand loyalty in the airline industry. Case study British Airways.

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This dissertation looks at the importance of branding and brand loyalty in the airline industry, and uses British Airways (BA) as a case study. The study begins by identifying the background to the study, and to the case study. The dissertation aims to answer the following questions, “How effective has BA been in developing its brand” and “How has this brand development impacted upon the customer-brand relationship and their loyalty to the airline”? The review of literature discusses a wide range of topics, including product strategy, brand identity at BA, branding at BA, benefits of brand loyalty, and product levels. After the review of literature has been completed, the study then identifies all of the aspects regarding the research methodology. The study then analyses all of the data collected, and discusses the findings in detail.


KEYWORDS: Dissertation, branding, brand loyalty, airline industry, British Airways, BA, customer-brand relationship, product strategy, brand identity!,

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