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British Airways

C/F/1264. An examination of the impact of low cost airlines on the European Airline Industry

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This paper examines the European Airline Industry, and assesses the impact of low cost airlines on the industry. The paper begins by providing information on the background to the industry, and follows by evaluating deregulation and liberalisation. The operational and product features related to low cost strategies are discussed before the paper evaluates low cost airports for low cost airlines. The impact that low cost airlines have on the industry are assessed, and the paper then looks at consolidation and implementation issues. Competition in the industry is discussed and the financial performance of Ryanair, British Airways, and the Lufthansa Group are all examined. Social benefits and tourism related aspects concerning low cost airlines are evaluated before conclusions are made.


KEYWORDS: European Airline Industry, low cost airlines, deregulation, liberalisation, operational features, product features, low cost strategies, consolidation, implementation, Competition, financial performance, Ryanair, British Airways, Lufthansa Group, tourism.,

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